Free online music classes (full classes!) 


In these classes we sing fun songs but we also aim to help your child start to learning the basics of music education. Learning to move/march to a steady beat is one of the first things we teach in music education! Music vocabulary is also included throughout. Our videos are also to help parents learn to start using these methods and this vocabulary at home with your children!

This video aims to help babies and toddlers with their language and includes flashcards, songs, and baby sign language! 

This video is for all of our car lovers! It aims to help children with language, play skills, and includes some fun songs and signs! 

Our original theme song! 

I wrote our them song with gestures and baby sign language because gestures and signs help with language learning! I sing this to my son every day while he's in the stroller and do the gestures with one hand. The song helped him learn to high five, sign "more," blow a kiss, etc! You can aim for 16 gestures by 16 months! 

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